The final link in the circular economy value chain

The GLASSPOWER technology efficiently transforms non recyclable waste into high yield constant renewable energy and new raw materials, thus closing the loop of the circular economy model.

As a result, the territory benefits from a landfill substitution solution which makes it autonomous in energy generation, waste management and creates durable local jobs for a cleaner and brighter future.

Revolutionary technology

GLASSPOWER offers a technology capable of treating all types of waste, other than radioactive, including those that pose difficulties for the current methods. It is achieved through a ballast of glass in fusion which generates energy and recovers materials at the same time: a process that is 100% brand new.

  • Collection of all ultimate waste that was normally destined for a landfill

  • Production of energy (heat / cold, electricity, steam) and aggregates for construction materials

  • Retrieval of non-ferrous noble resources (gold, silver, copper, zinc, etc…)

How it works

It is self-sufficient; it generates its own energy.
Depending on the regional needs and the nature of the waste, 2 operating modes are available: G3, Green Glass Generation, and G4, Green Glass & Gas Generation.
3 international patents protecting our technology have been registered (the 1st developed in 2001, 2nd in 2014 and 3rd in 2015).
3 additional patents are planned for filing (SOLEAU envelope registered) and potential others are in development.

A technology based on
excellence and experience

GLASSPOWER is a member of:

A cleaner world

No more landfills.

Each year, 35 million tons of waste in France end up in landfills.
That’s 250 MT in Europe and up to 1300 MT worldwide.

Find solutions against the depletion of mineral resources

Lead and silver reserves will disappear in less than 15 years time.  Zinc, tin, antimony and gold will no longer exist in less than 30 years time.

Solutions for unsolvable problems

A positive answer to the numerous environmental accidents and catastrophes.

Ensuring territorial independence

for the treatment of waste with the broadest possible spectrum.

Green energy

A renewable energy, of non fossil fuel nature, that has a worldwide potential to create as much power as 150+ nuclear power stations.

Support the project

We are a multidisciplinary team committed to tackling environmental challenges