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Virtuous glass

Mother Earth has given us these 3 elements: sand, iron and limestone. 

Together, they can make natural glass in its obsidian, sooty form.
For thousands of years, humanity has combined these three elements to reproduce this mineral that has exceptional virtues.

Mankind has mastered it, adapted it, and improved it to answer its own, security and artistic needs.
GLASSPOWER has perfected it, and is today able to answer vital environmental challenges.  Its power is released through a simple process (in a molten form).  It’s energy unparalleled.

Welcome to the world of GLASSPOWER.

A technology for our planet

The challenges we face are highly important; they are both global and urgent.  Glass, with its unique properties, enables our process to:

  • Protect the environment

  • Produce green energies that do not rely on fossil fuels or supplies

  • Collect non-ferrous metals that are equally noble and strategic

  • Manage a large part of ultimate dangerous waste

Our solution
0 Bil.
Tons of buried waste / year
0 MW th
= 1 Glasspower installation of 25 T / h
0 Jobs
per unit of 25 T / h
Global energy potential equivalent to 0
1500 MW nuclear power plants

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