Our Values

Glass is a technology that is planetary and thousands of years old. The metallurgy of glass has been mastered for a long time, but discovering its fields of application is still very new: medicine, astrophysics, entrapment of nuclear waste are just the latest so far.

“Whether evolution is pushed by the past or driven by the future, it is with man and his techniques that the universe becomes intelligent”

Trinh Xuan Thuan

Glass has qualities that are known and recognised worldwide, its:

Stability over time



(confinement capacity)

GLASSPOWER reuses the natural proprieties of glass to neutralise and transform waste through a widely proven technology that creates zero residues of its own.

It answers multiple environmental challenges by also producing non-fossil, renewable energy.

“In life nothing is to be feared, everything is to be understood”

Marie Curie

“The only authentic intellectual act is the invention”

Michel Serres

Glass is our friend and opens up to us infinite possibilities…

Glass is perfectly environmentally friendly and can be easily recycled.

“There is nothing easier to melt than what has already been previously melted”
Jacques Proot, inventor of the G3 G4 process

Our Team

The world expert in metallurgy of non-ferrous materials, Jacques Proot, had the idea in 1995 after observing how glass can “digest” several types of waste that no one knew what to do with. 

5 years later, the first patent on a low-carbon gasification process was filed.

Management team

Nagib Chbeir
Nagib ChbeirCEO
Xavier Maurance
Xavier MauranceProject Manager
Robert Bozza
Robert BozzaInternational GM, X-Chemistry
Jacques Larran-Vigneau
Jacques Larran-VigneauQuality Engineer
Sonal Choksi
Sonal ChoksiBusiness Development - Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal & Mexico

Scientific Team

Jacques Proot
Jacques ProotMetallurgy engineer - Inventor of the Glasspower process († 2020 – a great metal scientist, a huge chemist. R.I.P. Jacques, you miss us all)
Annie Lagoutte
Annie LagoutteToxicology Chemist
Anne Benichou
Anne BenichouMicrobiologist
Ivan Replumaz
Ivan ReplumazEngineering X-Ponts Paris
Nicolas Jeantaud
Nicolas JeantaudArchitecte DPLG Bordeaux
Frédéric MARIAS
Frédéric MARIAS PhD in Engineering

Our Partners

Thank you to our industrial partners who have contributed to the fine-tuning of our technology