Presenting the GLASSPOWER technology during the Rushlight Show in London, U.K. on 30 January 2019

It has been a busy day at the Royal Society in London, the world’s oldest independent scientific academy, where we have exhibited during the Rushlight show on the 30th of January 2019. A one of its kind event, in its 12th edition, this exhibition showcases the leading clean technologies and innovations developed to address a low carbon and low resource future in the UK and internationally.

In the prestigious historical venue of the West End, we have engaged with potential investors, business angels, investment funds and industrial players throughout the entire day: one to one conversations, 1 min pitches during investor tours and a 4 minutes pitch during the Cleantech conference to a wide audience of industry experts, financiers and legal professionals.

The amount of interest triggered and high level contacts made during the leading London-based Cleantech Innovation event have made it an outstanding experience and a great way to start the year for PYROGREEN INNOVATIONS. We have spread the word abroad about the unique investment opportunity that the GLASSPOWER technology represents, and the bright future it offers to the waste to energy field.

It’s now time for successful market entry.

Robert, waste management expert, and Alaric, in charge of liaising with potential investors and partners, both engaging with visitors in exploratory conversations about the GLASSPOWER technology.

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